American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier Strong, powerful neck with well-developed musculature merges smoothly into a deep wide chest. Free movement. The length of the body slightly exceeds the height at the withers (46-56 cm). Weight can vary even among dogs of the same height (16-25 kg). The coat is short, smooth, tight-fitting, shiny. Any color is acceptable – solid and with markings, the color does not affect the working qualities. The ears are set high and can be cropped short. The tail is sometimes docked, but this is not recognized by the United Kennel Club.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier -STORY

The American Pit Bull Terrier has always been a popular breed in the United States. It was used in dog fights along with some other breeds of dogs, but rather quickly drove them out of this sport. The breed was formed on the basis of a bulldog and a terrier. The strength and drive for victory inherent in bulldogs, as well as the speed and reaction of the terrier, made this dog universal in its field of use. In addition, Pit Bull Terriers have very high learning abilities. 

In connection with the ban on dog fighting in the United States, a campaign was organized to ban this breed in general, it was a very difficult time for pit bulls. All means were used, accidents involving pit bulls were described, with terrible details of the incidents. There was a “mythologization and demonization” of the breed. “Labels” of being overly aggressive and insensitive to pain were stuck.

 Common sense, however, prevailed: people realized that in accidents you can blame anyone but the dog. Oddly enough, the reason was the owners training and preparing their dogs for illegal fights, and not the very nature of the animals. Moreover, expert opinions on the attack of pits on humans proved that they were often dogs of other breeds. 

Today, the American Pit Bull Terrier is less popular both in the United States itself, as well as in the world, especially compared to its peak in popularity in the 1980s due to accusations of unmotivated aggression and unexpected attacks on people, although with the correct preparation of the APBT, it can turn into a working dog with a large field of activity to guard and graze livestock, hunt, work in the police and destroy rodents, etc. 

Although it must be added, that the lack of such training and the maintenance of this breed of dogs as pets without any training often leads to the fact that the dog becomes dangerous to others, incl. and for their masters.

More About

  • UKC breed standard Country of origin: USA.
  • The muzzle is square, wide, and deep.
  • The jaws are strong and strong. Scissor bite.
  • Ears natural or cropped, set high.
  • The eyes are almond-shaped, medium set. Any color.
  •  The shoulder blades are strong, muscular, wide and set obliquely.
  • The loin is slightly convex. The belly is slightly tucked up.
  • The tail is short in comparison with the size of the dog, set low, tapering towards the end.
  • The back is short and strong, sloping slightly from the withers to the base of the tail.
  • The head is dry, of medium length, rectangular, the skull is flat and wide between the ears, the cheeks are prominent.
  • The ribcage is deep, but not too wide. The true ribs are moderately convex, close to each other, elastic, the false ribs are long.
  • In motion and with excitement, it rises to the line of the back. Boot tail is not allowed.

Legs with long, rounded and strong bones without roughness or load. The pasterns are straight, vertical, strong. Paws are medium in size. The movements are light, springy. Walking in rolling or pacing is not allowed. The thighs are long and muscular. The hock joint is lowered, the metatarsus are short and vertical.

The coat is shiny, short, close-fitting, rough to the touch, without undercoat; abdomen without hair. Any color, white spots are allowed. Weight does not matter.

The character of the American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier

The main character traits of a Pit Bull Terrier are usually endurance and ability to fight. But, despite the fame of the dog, always ready for a fight, the character of the Pit Bull Terrier is quite balanced and even mild. The fact is that the selection selection of this breed was carried out based on the results of the struggle.

All dogs that showed mental instability during battles were removed from breeding. Those dogs that, as a result of the stress experienced, lost control over themselves and did not distinguish between man and dog, were destroyed.

Thus, over the course of several centuries, a type of dog with a very balanced character was formed, from which one can least of all expect an attack on a person than from a dog of any other breed. However, if forced to attack (for a very serious reason), she is more dangerous than other dogs. The cruelty with which a pit bull terrier can attack a person is shocking. Therefore, all dogs that attack for no reason are subject to euthanasia.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The successful conduct of the battle and the victory in it of a small-sized dog presupposes not only good physical fitness, but also tactical skill. To learn strategy and tactics, an animal must have a well-developed intellect.

This quality has also developed over time. Therefore, Pit Bull Terriers are very intelligent dogs that control themselves well. It is very difficult to piss them off and make them attack a person.

Pit bull terrier has a rather high threshold of irritability and almost does not allow other dogs to unbalance themselves. Accidentally meeting his relatives on the street, the pit bull will not respond to their barking and will not bully. He will only slightly tense inwardly, but outwardly he will remain completely indifferent. But in the ring, he will show indomitable aggressiveness towards the opponent. This quality is called game, or passion for wrestling.

As a result of selection, other qualities useful for fighting have also been developed and consolidated – such as courage, fortitude, fearlessness, shock resistance. This is one of the few breeds that has retained the ability to fight for several hours. While other dogs fizzle out, having spent the main fighting energy at the beginning of the fight, the Pit Bull Terrier remains capable of fighting despite the injuries received.

American Pit Bull Terrier
  • The American Pit Bull Terrier is a very courageous dog, and its courage should not be confused with aggressiveness. On the contrary, real courage lies in the cold-blooded ability to correctly assess a threatening situation and respond appropriately.
  •  Fighting independently has formed a dog capable of making decisions independently of a person. A dog can distinguish a real threat from a perceived one, does not need special education to protect its owner.
  • Some people believe that endurance results in nervous system degeneration, rendering dogs insensitive to pain. However, observations show that pit bull terriers are sensitive. Their tolerance for pain can be attributed to a developed ability to overcome pain during combat. Or perhaps these dogs have a passion for wrestling that trumps pain.
  • True, her stubbornness makes upbringing difficult, but this in no way means that she does not give in to him. Along with the aggressiveness towards its own kind, the fighting arena contributed to the development of such a dog, which would be very friendly to humans, to the extent that animals could be bred with bare hands during the battle.
  • In the ring, in addition to 2 fighting dogs, there are, as a rule, 3 more people: a judge and 2 handlers who let the dogs in. During the fight, they cheer the dogs up with their voice, and after the end of the fight they separate them. In addition, there are gambling spectators in the immediate vicinity of the ring.
  • If dogs posed some kind of danger to people, the battles would not have passed. Moreover, dogs of this breed (properly raised) never bite their owners even if they hurt them (for example, during treatment), which cannot be said about dogs of other breeds.
  • However, despite the fact that dogs of this breed are not dangerous for people, much attention should be paid to their education. This issue must be approached with all seriousness, since with the wrong attitude and encouragement to aggressiveness, the dog can become dangerous to others.
  • In addition, Pit Bull Terriers are reliable, energetic, agile and hardworking dogs. They are devoted to their master and members of his family, love children. Moreover, Pit Bull Terriers treat children very carefully, realizing their strength. Dogs learn quickly and enjoy all the exercises offered to them.
  • Pit bull terriers also have other qualities: strength, unusual for their relatively small size, good health, and a strong nervous system.
American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terriers are very patient

Pit bull terriers have another quality: they very quickly become attached to new owners. The reason for this is that in the past, adult fighting dogs were often sold. This tradition is a thing of the past, but dogs today are very easy to learn in a new environment.

All these qualities make it possible to use Pit Bull Terriers as farm guards and bodyguards. Repeatedly pit bull terriers were successfully used in military service. In addition, dogs of this breed are often used as a therapeutic agent in hospitals and nursing homes. They have shown excellent results in weight lifting competitions, protective service, obedience competitions, agility, etc.

Despite all of the above, many people who have no idea about how dog fights are going may think that pit bull terriers are aggressive, dangerous to people , for other dogs, for cats and cannot become good family members. However, in reality this is not so: dog fights are based not on the aggressiveness and anger of dogs towards each other, but on the skill, strength and strength of the nervous system.

And dogs don't fight, but rather fight.

American Pit Bull Terrier

A pit bullterter can easily get along in the same apartment with a cat, but he will still chase other people’s cats

In conclusion, it should be added that even in an intelligent and thoroughbred dog, the character can change for the worse if it is not properly educated, not fed, treated badly and vice versa.

Much depends on the owner himself, on his attitude towards his pet. If a good relationship develops between the dog and the owner from the first day, it will turn into a devoted companion and, if necessary, will be able to effectively protect any of the family members.

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