Approaching An Injured Dog And Providing Emergency First Aid

The most common accident that always occurs involving dogs is a car accident, Injured Dog. Dogs are usually hit by vehicles and left behind to suffer. Many people may not know what to do if they come across such an accident. To help prepare you for such an emergency, if ever you come across one, we provide you with the following steps that could help you save the dog.

Approaching a Injured Dog

Approaching a Hurt Dog​

Approach a dog that has been hit by a car with caution. Be careful that the dog does not bite you. An injured dog knows that he’s hurt but may not be aware that you are there trying to help him. As you approach the dog slowly, assess the situation and try to see what his injuries are and how badly he’s hurt.

While you evaluate the extent of his injuries, prepare an emergency muzzle by using a belt, a necktie, a gauze bandage or anything else available from which you can make a muzzle. Place it around the dog’s mouth and tie it behind his head. This will stop him from biting you. If you notice that the dog is bleeding profusely, apply a pressure bandage immediately to the area, tie off the exposed artery or apply a tourniquet between the wound and the dog’s heart.

Broken Limbs

Broken Limbs​

If you notice that the dog has a broken limb, immobilize the limb by using cardboard, chicken wire, wood or anything that is available at the moment. You can even use a few sticks of wood and secure it to the dog’s limb. Any of these will help to prevent bone-grating action or prevent the bone from protruding through the skin.

Create a Stretcher

To move the dog, you need a stretcher. You can create one by using a coat that can serve you for two purposes. 1. As a stretcher to carry the dog in and 2. as a way to keep the dog warm while you carry him to the nearest veterinary clinic. Place the coat on the ground and lift the dog on to it as gently as possible. It is very important to do so just in case the dog has internal injuries.

No Food No Water to Injured Dog

Approaching An Injured Dog And Providing Emergency First Aid

Whenever a person is aiding an injured dog, the first thing he/she wants to do is to give the dog food or water probably to reassure him that everything will be alright. Never give an injured dog food or water as this could aggravate any internal injuries. It could also cause the dog to vomit and severe vomiting could cause internal bleeding.

Always remember that the primary concern when a dog is involved in a car accident is whether he is in shock or whether there are any internal injuries. So, it would be very important to move as quickly as possible and with the least movement if you want to save the dog’s life. Remember that saving the dog’s life is priority and any external injuries and broken legs can wait.

It is necessary for every dog owner to know what steps to take to be able to administer first aid immediately and save the dog’s life. Always remember, though, that first aid does not replace in any way professional veterinary care. First aid is just an emergency aid that can help you until you can get the dog to a veterinarian for professional attention.

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