When talking about mixed breeds how can one forget about Bernedoodle? They are the cutest mix breeds. The main characteristics are; they are caring, goofy and most importantly loyal. Bernedoodle are always considered as best family dogs. They are loving, friendly but also fierce on the other hand. If you have already a dog in your house and you are thinking to buy another one, without creating a mess, Bernedoodle is a perfect example. they are also good with kids. These dogs are said to have inherited the intelligence of their ancestors; poodles.

Characteristics of the Bernedoodle:

Adaptability: These dogs( Bernedoodle ) have a good level of adaptability. They just don’t like being alone for a long time. Otherwise, they are complete family dogs, which are sensitive with a good weather toleration limit.


Some Important Information About Bernedoodle

  • These dogs(Bernedoodle) have inherited the intelligence of their poodle parent and the charm and cuteness of Bernard mountain dog. The main plus point of this breed is that they shed very little. They are great cuddlers and are the happiest when they are spending time with their families or especially children.
  • Now the problem with the mixed breed is that it is unable to predict that whether they will have more poodle like traits or more Bernard like traits. Sometimes they have more poodle like traits and sometimes more Bernard like traits. But whosoever traits these dogs get, there is no need to worry because both their parents are cute, goofy, intelligent and family dogs.
  • In case of appearance, these dogs are not the same. Majorly because it is not possible to predict the parent. The mixing process remains uncertain, so their appearance cannot be completely predicted. Considering their coat and their hairs; these could be wavy, straight, curly. Their colour should be dark or light. The size of the hair is also unpredictable sometimes. The size may vary from being miniature to tiny and standard.



Major Reasons To Go For Bernedoodles, Rather Than Poodles And Bernard:

The main motive of any kind of hybridization is to reduce the amount of illness in the hybrid. The negative qualities of the pure breed could be suppressed in this process. This same happens in the case of these mixed breeds. Bernedoodles are said to have lesser health issues than their parents. They are said to be a little stubborn when they are puppies but this nature changes with time. They make a perfect cuddle buddy. They hate being left alone for a longer period of time. So only choose them when you have are not going to be away from them for long.


Why Crossbreeding

There were three main reasons for cross breading; one of them in lifespan and health. Poodle is said to be the dog with the longest life span, whereas on the other hand, Bernard doesn’t have that long life span. So one major reason for this cross-breeding is also so that a breed is obtained with an enhanced life span. The second reason is that by crossbreeding, a healthier breed is obtained, which sheds less and are hypo-allergic. The third reason is that poodles are the most intelligent breed in the world and on the other hand Bernard are the most cue ones, so their crossbreeding gives the best outcome by combining the best of both.

History of Bernedoodles

They are quite a fresh crossbreed, which could be said to be a decade old but these are the best crossbreeds to date. They are more calm and mature than the real ones.


Characteristics of Bernedoodles

  •  SIZE – These are of three sizes: -tiny: 12 to 17 inches tall; weight around 10-24 pounds -miniature: 18-22 inches tall; weight around 25-49 pounds -standard: 23-29 inches tall; weight around 50-70 pounds Male Bernedoodles are generally larger than female ones.
  • Health – The main motive of crossbreeding is to reduce the risk of genetically born diseases. In all the crossbreeds all the risks regarding their lifespans, health issues of parents or sometimes a whole breed are tackled. The crossbreeds always have good health than either of their parents. The same is the case with Bernedoodles. They are healthier than either of their parents. This breed is very new, so information regarding their health is somewhat limited.
  • Care – Bernedoodles don’t need some special type of care. They mainly are family dogs and they cant be away from family.

The following points should be followed to take care of a Bernedoodle: 

1. Trim their nails after proper intervals of time. 

2. Brush them regularly or multiple times a week: Because they have thick coat and fur, so brushing them regularly is very important. 

3. Exercise: They need proper exercise, although their need for exercise is not that much, they need it. If your Bernedoodle is small, you need not worry about their exercise because they are active breeds, which means they will complete their daily exercises while running or playing. But In the case of adult Bernedoodle, exercise is the most important part. It must be made sure that an adult Bernaddodle exercises at least for 45 minutes a day. A bored Bernaddodle will become fussy and disobedient, so playing and exercising will keep your Bernedoodle busy.

4. They should be socialized almost regularly: Bernedoodles are family dogs, they love to be around people. Socializing helps them in grooming and sharpens them. Along with socializing they must be trained completely, because they may get stubborn in old age or act badly, so training at old age is very important.

Moreover, the basic care that a dog mostly requires is regarding their shedding and drolling, but In the case of Bernedoodles, not even one of them needs to be worried about. A complete family dog and lovely pet are what a Bernedoodle turns out to be if kept with love and is well trained.

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