If you’re looking to purchase a German Shepherd and want to know how much German Shepherd price in India You are at the right spot. I have years of experience breeding and selling German Shepherds. We are aware of the many costs associated with keeping the German Shepherds of India.

In this blog, we discuss this issue.

  • Total cost German Shepherds’ ownership in India
  • German Shepherd puppy price
  • All the associated costs for maintaining GSDs
  • German Shepherd price in all important Indian cities

GSDs are among the most loved breeds of dogs in India. The dog’s intelligence, love for nature as well as its loyalty, as well as ability to defend our homes make GSDs extremely sought-after. We encourage you to go through our article on German Shepherd and their owners in India to see a full description of the GSDs found in India.

Keep in mind that the price of the cost of a German Shepherd puppy in India is different from one city to another. The cost of a German Shepherd puppy in India, GSDs are expensive dogs. The average annual cost of one GSD is more than 1 lakh rupees, without taking into account the GSD puppy cost. A GSD puppy, based on its quality and area of the dog will cost you anywhere from around Rs18,000-$40,000.


It is important to take into consideration a number of aspects that affect the cost of a German Shepherd dog puppy. The factors include

  • The GSD puppy’s quality A show-quality puppy is in line with German Shepherd breed standards and is costly compared to puppy breeds that are pet-friendly. If you’re looking for the perfect pet for your family, then an animal-friendly puppy is the better option.
  • Breeder’s reputation is important. We recommend purchasing the GSD from a reliable breeder. While the cost may be higher, purchasing it from an elite kennel or reliable breeder will guarantee you a safe ownership.
  • Demand and location – German Shepherds are highly sought-after in India. The cost for a German Shepherd is greater in cities that are a part of India.

If we are looking to purchase a German Shepherd in India. We usually stop at the first price of the GSD puppy but fail the opportunity to consider recurring costs. Be aware that German Shepherds are big dogs that expand quickly. The bigger the dog is the greater the price is.

A mature adult German Shepherd can weigh as at 35kgs and require more than 2200 calories a day. It is also important to take into account their foreign heritage. These dogs aren’t the native Indian dog breeds, which can thrive on home-cooked food and can thrive in our humid and hot climate. So, knowing the cost of ownership for GSDs GSD can help you determine your budget prior to deciding whether or not to purchase a GSD puppy.


A German Shepherd’s puppy’s price depends on several factors. Prices for dogs in India differ significantly depending on a variety of factors. We at barks. in are hoping that our blog about the GSD price for puppies in India to provide guidelines for buyers and sellers of GSDs India.

We are breeders and owners of German Shepherds we have a deep understanding of the expenses breeders typically have to pay. We would like to utilize our expertise to develop practical guidelines for buyers and sellers of German Shepherds from India.

We also are aware we know that German Shepherd prices can vary considerably. For example, puppies from imported German Shepherds may cost from Rs60,000 to 1,000,000 rupees. We see these differences in price to be more rather than normal. The German Shepherd price list, in contrast, is based on averages.


German Shepherds are sought-after as pets due to a variety of reasons. In India, the German Shepherd can play a variety of roles. It is an animal guardian, companion protection dog, or even a pet for the family. The majority of people in India opt for the GSD as guard dogs that could be used as animal companions. The GSD is among the most well-known dog guards in India.

Be aware that German Shepherds are covered in two coats which makes it difficult to handle during the hot summer seasons. They are also among the most dangerous dogs around the world. However, they aren’t as aggressive as Pitbulls or a Rottweiler or Pitbull. Pitbull, however, will require skilled handlers. This dog is not suitable for novice or new owners. You won’t be able to handle this GSD without previous knowledge.

If you’re planning to purchase a German Shepherd puppy, it is essential to know all costs associated with it. A rare dog like the GSD is costly to keep. Consider the following elements when planning your budget.


GSDs, due to their status as faithful family dog, are able to fetch premium prices. The beginning GSD puppy price is determined by the following.

  • The fame for the breeder
  • A puppy’s lineage
  • The quality of the puppy A show-quality puppy could cost twice more than a pet.
  • The city from which you purchase the GSD puppy
  • Kennel Club of India certification

The price to purchase the cost of a German Shepherd India ranges from Rs15,000 and the amount of Rs40,000. German Shepherd variants such as the White Shepherd, King Shepherd, and the bush coat German Shepherd, working line German Shepherd costs between Rs25,000 to around Rs60,000.


There’s a significant difference in cost when buying a GSD through reputable breeders than a pet store. India is the home of some of the finest GSDs available. Dogs from the top Indian Kennels can be costly.

Finding the best breeder will be the crucial element when you’re trying to purchase the GSD. GSDs are susceptible to hereditary conditions like elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and. The sloping topline in the contemporary GSD creates stress on its spine. You must ensure the GSD puppy’s line doesn’t suffer from this genetic disease.

It is likely to locate a German Shepherd puppy from any one of these places within India.

  • Mills for puppies or breeders who earn a profits
  • Pet shops
  • Middlemen or brokers
  • Reputable breeders
  • Regular home breeders


Puppy mills are awful places that are run by individuals whose sole goal is to earn money. Their dogs are poorly cared for and fed poorly, and are kept alive to give puppies.

It is best to avoid purchasing the German Shepherd puppy from such locations. The majority of puppy mills do not consider how good their breeding stocks. They purchase Genetically weak GSDs and crosses at cheap prices and employ them as their breeding selection.

You will be able to recognize the puppy mill sellers; his prices are usually very low and they not let you see the puppy and its mother. They will use phrases like heavy bone two coats, high-quality show and show-winners to entice buyers.

The purchase of a large dog, such as that of the German Shepherd from places like these could cause severe issues later on. The puppy you purchase could have genetic problems or, even more threateningly it could end up being aggressive dogs. Do not purchase a puppy simply because of the price. We have heard that some puppy mills offer their GSD for as little as Rs6,000 and declare their pups to be show-winning.


Avoid the pitfalls of shopping at the mall for the perfect GSD puppy. We advise you not to buy a puppy too quickly. GSDs are big dogs that are likely to soon be an integral part of the family. Don’t rush and buy one from a pet shop since it’s adorable.

There are many pet stores that are not bad. Some pet stores are part of trusted breeders, however, the majority of pet stores are not the best where to buy you a GSD puppy. Don’t buy an GSD puppy when you can’t be able to see it alongside its mother.

To determine whether this pet store is a genuine breeder of GSD Make sure you follow that you follow the steps below.

  • Demand to meet your GSD breeder and talking to the breeder about your dogs
  • Begin to meet the puppy and its mother. Check out the dog’s health as well as its surroundings.
  • Make sure you get KCI approval for your puppy as well as the parents.


Connecting with an animal breeder through an agent is a good idea. Contacting the broker regarding the GSD will allow you to learn more about its history.

Did you know that most German Shepherd sales in India occur through brokers. They play a crucial function in connecting buyers to sellers. The best broker would introduce you to the breeder in person and be there to assist you with any questions. A broker usually earns a 10 15% up to 15 percent commission on the sale result, which is which is a modest cost to pay for the largest dog.


The best way to purchase the best German Shepherd in India today is through a reliable breeder. The most reputable breeders and top German Shepherd kennels in India are the home of many of the best GSDs.

While the cost of the GSD may be higher however, you can be assured of its health and quality. We suggest that you purchase the puppy through a breeder and don’t be concerned about spending a few dollars. Keep in mind that the extra money that you invest will provide you a stress-free experience as a pet owner you.


There are a number of reliable breeders for GSD within India. You can begin your search by visiting A majority of the best GSD Kennels have their own listings on and their contact details.


Home breeders who are regulars are those who have to choose between professional breeders , pet stores. They are serious GSD lovers who cherish their pets and breed in their home.

If you’re looking to purchase an GSD You could look into buying from breeders who are regular. We suggest getting in touch either directly, or via broker, and talk to them about their dogs. Request KCI certificates to confirm the lineage.

If you’ve made up your mind to purchase an animal, go to their home and get to know their dogs. If you’re fortunate, you could get an excellent GSD at a bargain cost.


Food for your GSD is your biggest regular expense. If you have a dog that is exotic, like that of the German Shepherd, high-quality dog food is essential. GSDs fed low-quality dog food will never attain their full potential, regardless of the source you purchase the puppy.

We recommend you pick the brand that provides GSD dogs with specific breeds. The cost of dog food will vary based on type of food. Don’t forget, GSDs can’t attain their size when you only feed them home-cooked dog foods.

In the average, you can anticipate your monthly cost for dog food to range from Rs7,500 to the range of Rs9,500. We suggest that you read our review of the best dog food brands in India to select the best pet food to feed your GSD.


Before you purchase an GSD puppy, it’s important to consult a veterinarian close to home. A visit with a vet will give you a clear understanding of the various costs that can be incurred when you purchase an GSD.

These are just a few of the vet fees you pay on a regular basis.

  • Vaccination cost
  • Deworming cost
  • Neutering/Spaying cost
  • Other – The majority of GSDs found in India require a skincare regimen at an age.


The first things you must do after you get home with the GSD puppy would be to have it vaccined. GSD puppies require vaccinations against rabies and parvovirus. Consult your breeder to determine what vaccines are required and obtain a vaccination certificate from your veterinarian. GSD puppy vaccinations cost between Rs750 and Rs1,500.


If you aren’t planning to breed your GSD neutering is a good way to avoid problems with health for dogs. Breeding with a German Shepherd isn’t an easy task and we wouldn’t suggest it. It is an enormous risk. Incorrect breeding practices can result in devastating consequences for the whole breed. Many indigenous Indian breeds of dogs are close to extinction because of improper breeding methods.

If you are an GSD breeder, it is essential to be familiar with breed standards as well as genetics and have a good knowledge of the dogs’ mental characteristics. Additionally, the expense for breeding GSDs India is extremely expensive.

Remember that spaying is an operation. If you don’t have a reputable veterinarians in your town We aren’t for it. Spaying costs anywhere from Rs7,500 to the amount of Rs10,000.


Your GSD needs deworming every 3 months. The worming of your German Shepherd is a way to ensure their health and well-being. Ask your veterinarian about the dose and medication for worming. Because the dose size will depend on the weight of the dog’s body.

InIndia In India, worming tablets for sale cost not much; each tablet will cost around 100 rupees. There is a possibility of purchasing the worming tablets on the internet.

Additionally to this, you’ll need

  • Spray for antiseptics, cotton and band-aids. Approx Rs500
  • Flea powder and ticks. Approx Rs500
  • Shampoos, conditioners, and shampoos. Approx Rs1,500
  • Ear drops to avoid ear infection. Approx Rs150


German Shepherds are covered in a double coat and require regular grooming. They shed lots of hair. The amount shed increases in summer. If you do not groom your dog, you’ll be surrounded by hairy dogs in every corner of your house.

Also, you will require an effective dog shampoo that is high-quality for their hair. GSDs are sensitive to skin, therefore choose an easy shampoo and don’t bathe your pet more than once every month. Brushes for grooming aren’t expensive but they are costs that you’ll have to pay.


The dog you are looking after will require these items.

  • Collar and Leash
  • Training accessories
  • Water and food bowls
  • Toys, tennis balls


GSDs are a highly intelligent breed of dog. They are the third-most intelligent dog on earth. Training for a GSD is enjoyable. GSD is a fast learner, and has a very sharp mind.

GSDs are able to learn an entirely new command in just five or less repetitions and are awed by learning new techniques. The use of a dog trainer will significantly benefit your dog and your family. It’s fun to have dogs that are able to perform tricks and be obeyed upon cue. In India an experienced GSD trainer can cost you between Rs5,000 and around Rs7,000.


Although treats aren’t expensive but they are crucial to help train the GSD puppy. The commercial dog food can be expensive. We like homemade treats. They’re inexpensive and good for your pet. We suggest homemade treats, such as cooked eggs, cheese, as well as cooked and baked meat.


We recommend that you insure you German Shepherd. The cost of insurance for an GSD paying for medical expenses and liability can cost between Rs5500 and Rs15,000 on Bajaj Allianz also offers pet insurance for a reasonable price.


As a dog that works GSDs need their regular walks. GSDs cannot be housed in small, cramped spaces. Dog walking is now a business that is booming in India. The cost of dog walking will range from between Rs500 and Rs1,500 per month, based on the city.


German Shepherds are among the top dog breeds to be found in the Indian home. They are loyal, loving intelligent, and caring dogs. If you’re planning on purchasing an GSD it is important to know all the expenses involved in keeping one.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your expenses will decrease after purchasing the puppy. GSDs are costly dogs to keep; your monthly recurring costs for the dog will be very extremely high. We recommend that you comprehend the costs of ownership for the GSD in India prior to bringing one home.

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