Picking Out A Puppy Name

Picking out a puppy name can take time. It’s hard to pick a name that will match the puppy’s personality at such a young age. You can get some idea of what the puppy’s personality will be like just by the way they play with you and interact with other people and other dogs.

There are lots of ways to come up with ideas for your new puppy’s name. For example, some people name their dogs after their favorite movie star. Some people name their dogs after their favorite movie character or their favorite kind of car. Some people name their dog after their favorite aunt or uncle. Some people name their dogs based on the dog’s characteristics for example. Names like a “Half Pint”, “Tiny”, “Smoky”, “Red”, or “Shorty”. These are all names that describe the dog’s physical characteristics.

If you’re getting a purebred puppy try to get a copy of the puppy’s family history. You might find a pattern in the family history of dog names. For example, they might be named after bands, nature, different outdoor themes, or cars. They can also be named after a city in the country that they originated from. Some people name their puppies based on the season or the month of the year. For example, some people name their dog “Auggie” for August or “Summer” or “Spring”. It’s

When I bought our two puppy poodles, the breeder gave me a copy of their paperwork, as far as their bloodline. When we were trying to decide on names for the puppies, we went back to their paperwork and noticed that our little female had a family history of names that were for country bands. That’s how we decided on her name to be “Little Diamond Rio”. We call her “Little One” for short.

We named our male poodle puppy, “A Little Dusting of Snow”, because his family had a history of names that were based on nature. We call him “Dusty” for short.

We bought our Australian Blue Heeler from a private couple. She was two years old when we got her and she had already had her name for awhile. They had named her “Sydney”. I think they named her that based on Sydney, Australia.

Some people also base their puppy’s name on feelings such as Faith, Hope, or Destiny. Some people name their puppy after words from a different language that have a meaning to them. For example, we had sold one of our puppies to a woman who named the little puppy after a French phrase that meant “healer of a broken heart”.

When you pick a puppy named keep in mind that it has to be an easy name for when you call them to come home. If you pick a long name, you can always shorten it and give the dog a nickname. Our oldest poodle’s name is Princess, but she has a lot of nicknames. We call her Sissy, Love Bug, Booger Butt, and Booger Bean. My better half likes to call her “B*tch”, because she’s old and crabby. He calls her that in a very loving way, and she answers to it!


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