Pomsky Complete Guide: Things You Must Know Before Buying Pomsky


Pomsky Pomsky is a delightful mixture of Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian.

With the smile of a Husky inside a small Pomeranian’s body, it’s an ideal alternative to a larger Husky.

Pomskies are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can be adapted to different households and lifestyles.

They don’t possess the natural urge to be a good friend However, with patience and encouragement they can be your best friend.

What is an Pomsky?

The Pomsky is interbreeding with the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. This brand new breed was introduced 15 years ago.

The breed is accepted as hybrid and is designed to be a smaller and more flexible option to Siberian Husky.

Miniature wolves are available in a range of coat styles, sizes, and colors. They are adorable with an appearance that is reminiscent of a puppy that can last throughout their life.

Pomeranian Husky Mixes can be lively and energetic and their energy flows in wild bursts which are guaranteed to keep you entertained. They cherish their owners very much and do not like being left on their own. In spite of their enthusiasm, they are nervous dogs. They are often timid around children and do not do well in large families.

They’ll want the attention of their favorite person almost all the time. They aren’t easy to manage However when you are willing to put your time and effort it’s worth it.

  • Overview: Hybrid (Pomeranian/Siberian Husky).
  • Purpose: Companionship.
  • Weight: 10-25 pounds.
  • Size: 10-15 inches.
  • Temperament: Loyal, energetic, sensitive.

Pomsky Appearance

Since this is a crossbreed their appearance can be an unpredictability (you don’t really know what you could receive).

Toy Pomskies can be small enough to fit under your arm. Other Pomskies are closer to Huskies with lean bodies and sturdy legs.

The ideal dog looks like the shape of a Husky inside a Pomeranian’s physique. These are tiny to medium-sized dogs with muscular and lean build. Their ears should be upwards, and their long tails must curve upwards.

Their face is like a wolf with dark eyes that are black.

All of these puppies are likely to have double coats and are not allowed to be cut.

Pomsky Weight and Height

If you mix large and small breed, the size can be diverse and can be unpredictable.

But, on average, they should measure about 10 to 15 inches tall, and weigh between 10-25 pounds.

Toy versions will be smaller, averaging a height of 10 inches in length and weighting between 7 and 10 pounds.

Pomsky Coat Colors for Breeds as well as Coat

As you’d expect, the hues that this breed produces are highly different.

The majority of breeders are looking for Husky’s white, black and silver patches. Other colors to consider are brown, tan, and even ginger.

  • The color of ‘Foxy’ is a red-hot ginger with white paws and belly. Like their name implies, they are reminiscent of red Foxes.
  • The White Stunner is pure white from head to the toe.

There are numerous coat styles, but most breeders prefer an elongated curly coat that is more similar to Husky. Husky.

Certain breeds will have rougher and more fluffy coats that are typical of the Pomeranian Some may be smooth that is fine in fur.

Longer coated dogs shed frequently and need to be cleaned regularly. The dogs with shorter coats will shed only moderately and be fine with a weekly brushing.

5 Fun Facts About the Pomeranian Husky

  1. While the breed hasn’t received American Kennel Club recognition, it does have an own club for breeds (the Pomsky Club of America).
  2. It is also a well-known choice for service dogs, and is recognized by the official US Service Animal Support and Service Animal Registration.
  3. It’s not known for certain where the first Pomsky was from.
  4. A Pomsky is not just the size of a wolf, but can also howl like one.
  5. Crossbreeding between Huskies or Pomeranians is generally done through artificial means to limit the risk of breeding small and large dogs.

Pomsky temperament and personality

These tiny balls of energy are among the most playful personality types, however they do have two parents which are known for their stubbornness.

Once a Husky Pomeranian Mix chooses you as their favorite pet they’ll never let you go.

This is definitely not the type of person who would like to spend lots of time sitting on their couch. Expect to spend the majority of your time walking, running or playing, as well as having fun.

They’re very social however, this can grow when they feel ignored and they also inherit the tendency of the Pomeranians to be a bit tense.

They are not naturally social animals and are often introverted and shy around people they don’t consider to be friends. They don’t do well in households with children younger than 10 years old as the child’s loud behavior can make them anxious.

Be cautious when introducing them to your pets (especially smaller cats and dogs). They’ve inherited the Husky’s prey-seeking instinct and are prone to see the other animals as threats.

Hire a dog-sitter when you’re often away from home. They are extremely dependent and can be very loud and destructive if left their on their own.

Are Pomskies a good family dog?

These dogs are far more suitable for individuals (or couples) rather than a family.

If you have kids that are old enough to realize the importance of being sensitive around their dog. A rough or loud child could scare a Pomsky.

It is true that Pomsky’s are wonderful friends for older children, if Pomsky is socialized properly at a young age.

Looking after the needs of Pomsky

Training is the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of care provided by Pomsky.

The basic grooming and care for dogs is fairly simple and doesn’t differ much from other dogs.

It is crucial to keep in mind the fact that the breed of dog is energetic and arouses interest. They require a pet owner who is able to keep up with them and keep them entertained.

Exercise Requirements

Your dog will be eager to play more than they want to walk. Walking should be brief and you should take your dog for walks after they’re all exhausted after their time playing.

As these dogs possess an intense prey drive, walking them on leashes only. It takes some patience and time to get your dog comfortable with their leash.

Your pet will want to play often and desire for you to join in with them. It isn’t enough to throw a handful of toys to them with the expectation that they will entertain themselves. They’ll be able to learn new tricks and even take a ball Frisbee straight out of the air.

  • Daily number of walks 2.
  • Total exercise required per day Time: 45 minutes.

Grooming and Shedding

If your dog wears medium-length coats it won’t be required to devote as much effort to grooming like you would with long coats.

Medium coated Pomsky is required to be groomed once a week and sheds less than a dog with a long coat. Long coated dogs require daily brushing , as well as every month washing and bathing.

For dogs with exceptionally lavish fur, a regular visit to professional groomers could be a worthwhile investment. However, don’t trim your pet’s fur, or overdo the fur with too many grooming products.

Your dog should be clipped with nails at least once per month.

Diet and feeding

All Pomskies require high-quality Kibble that is balanced of whole grains as well as vitamins and raw protein ingredients.

However, their caloric requirements will differ based on their size and their build. Raw foods that are natural give an additional boost of minerals and vitamins. Eggs cooked and raw chicken, as well as raw pork and occasionally fruits and vegetables are excellent options.

A toy Pomsky should be fed a special food for dogs with small breeds. These formulas contain everything a tiny dog wants, but there is nothing does not.

There are health issues that you know about.

It is important to be ready in case it could inherit one of the health issues that are typical of the breed’s parents:

  • Husky’s eye issues.
  • The knee of the Pomeranian is causing problems.
  • Periodontal Disease (gum condition).

How Much Time Does the Pomsky Live?

Expect your Pomsky to remain with you for between 13 and 15 years.

What Does a Pomsky cost?

You should expect to pay approximately $2000 for one from a trusted breeder.

How to train to be a Pomsky

It takes a lot of time and perseverance to train these dogs.

Keep in mind that regardless of how challenging puppy is training can be, it is essential to keep in a constant routine of positive reinforcement throughout the day.

Do not ignore your dog’s behavior instead of reprimanding it (using harsh corrective methods could cause aggression in the dog).

When you have brought your puppy home, it is time to begin training.

Crate training can ease anxiety about separation when you’re far from home. The Crate should be connected to security and comfort and shouldn’t be utilized as a getaway location.

They are not socialized in a natural way, which is why they should be introduced to animals and people as soon as is possible. Begin looking for puppy classes prior to when you take your pup home.

For dogs, command training is a good game. Engaging them in some sessions of Simon Says will aid them comprehend your spoken commands.

Give an ice cream or a cuddle for your dog to be rewarded when he is able to follow your instructions. They will be able to connect your words with the reward and be aware of what they have to accomplish to achieve it.


If you live an active lifestyle, and a some experience in working with more difficult breeds of dog The Pomsky could be the ideal option for your home.

They are grateful for the patience and tolerance of a pet owner that is able to maintain the same pattern of behavior. It’s helpful if you’ve been a caretaker or owner of an Pomeranian or Husky prior to.

They are ideal for couples or singles who stay home frequently However, they might feel extremely shy when they are part of a larger family. They require plenty of exercise and stimulation. They will not behave in the best way in the event that they’re bored.

Being an eye on Pomsky is a difficult but extremely rewarding experience. There is a reward in the unwavering admiration of a bright-eyed and curly-tailed friend for life.

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