Why Does My Dog Eat His Own Poop

There is one habit about dogs that really disgusts dog owners and that is to see their dog eat their poop. It makes one wonder why your dog has to eat poop.

It would surely discourage anyone from kissing their dog.

This habit of eating feces is called coprophagia and it’s a habit that can be stopped.

Dogs that get good dietary foods and are healthy will not eat their poop. Dogs will always eat other animals feces including house pets poop, especially cats poop. But to see your own dog eating his poop, then something is definitely wrong with him.

It is quite normal for a mother dog to clean up her pups after they poop but she will stop doing so as soon as her pups start eating solid foods.

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop

  • They may not be getting any food and are starving.
  •  They may be getting food that does not have all the nutrients that they need.
  •  They may be eating food that has very little nutrients. 
  • They may be anxious, bored or lonely. 
  • Puppies though, will eat poop because they want to know what it tastes like. It’s more than likely that they won’t eat it again 

Perhaps you have noticed that one of the main reasons why your dog eats poop is because of a nutritional deficiency.

You may need to take him to the veterinarian for a proper check up. The veterinarian may have to do a blood test to find out if your dog is suffering from any type of deficiency. He should be able to tell you that your dog lacks minerals, vitamins and chemicals such as cobalt, iodine and manganese. Once you provide all of these to your dog, he should stop eating feces.

You should check the label on the food you give your dog for fat content, what ingredients it has, what minerals and vitamins it has and what percent of protein it contains.

If the main protein is corn, your dog may not be getting sufficient nutrients because they can only digest about 54% of the nutrients from corn. The other 46% is deposited in your yard in your dogs droppings. You should change your dog’s food to dog food that contains protein from meat which is much easier to digest.

Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop

There are several ways to discourage your dog from eating poop. Some of these are listed below so that you know what to do to help your dog.


  • As soon as you see your dog poops, pick up his droppings so he won’t be able to go back to eat it.
  • Make sure that you spend more time with your dog.

Take him for a walk personally so that you can supervise him, especially if you take him to the dog park. When you see your dog eating poop, use some deterrents such as a noise maker or a spray water bottle to startle him. You can put bitter apple or cayenne pepper on the poop. He won’t eat it because he will not like the taste.

You can put pumpkin in his food. It makes his food have an unpleasant taste and he will not eat it. You can use FORBID (stool eating preventative) and meat tenderizer with your dog’s food or you can give him pineapple with his food. They all make his poop taste horrible.

  • If you have a cat, keep his litter box out of the reach of your dog. A cat’s litter is almost irresistible to dogs.

It is very important then that you understand the reasons why your dog eats poop. If it is a nutritional problem make sure that you address it right away and stop him from eating poop.


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